Pom Snail

  • Grades 1-3
  • Young Adult
  • All Ages

Snails may be slow and slimy, but when they're made from poms, they're cute, vibrant and fluffy!


  • Assorted Bright Poms, 100pk
  • Wiggly Eyes 10mm
  • Hot Glue ***May Require Adult Assistance


Step 1. Gather your supplies.


Step 2.

Start with a 3″ pom as the snail’s shell. Begin adding the spiral by gluing a 1/2″ pom to the side.


Step 3.

Continue gluing 1/2″ poms around the edge of the 3″ pom, then bring it into the middle to create a spiral, as shown.


Step 4.

Glue a 1/2″ pom to a 1″ pom.


Step 5.

Attach the poms from the previous step to the snail’s shell, as shown.


Step 6.

Glue 1/2″ poms to the end of the snail’s head to create the rest of the body.


Step 7.

Complete your snail with a wiggly eye on each side of the 1″ pom!