Sequin Igloo Art

  • History & Social Studies
  • Sensory Play
  • Grades 4-5
  • Grades 6-8
  • Grades 1-3

Build a sparkling igloo with sequins. Add glittering snow and a starry spangle sky to bring winter to your art!


  • Iridescent Glitter Tube
  • Acrylic Paint Jars Primary
  • Silver Sequins
  • Spangle Mix Assorted Colors
  • Craft Glue
  • Circle Die Cut Craft Foam
  • Blue Construction Paper
  • Blue Marker
  • Scissors


Step 1. Gather your supplies.


Step 2.


Cut a die cut foam circle in half.


Step 3.


Cut a doorway out of the other half of the craft foam.


Step 4.


Begin covering the half circle in sequins. Start from the bottom.


Step 5.


Continue adding rows of sequins, overlapping the previous rows just a little, to add a layered look to the sequins.


Step 6.


Color a small opening for the igloo in dark blue marker.


Step 7.


Leave enough space around the edge to add two rows of medium sequins.


Step 8.


Paint the bottom third of a blue construction paper white. Shake iridescent glitter on top of the wet white paint to mark the snow sparkle.


Step 9.


Glue the sequined half circle on top of the snow. Then glue the doorway further down, to give the igloo some dimension.


Step 10.


Add a moon and star spangles from the spangle mix to create a starry winter sky.


Discover how COOL igloos are while crafting one with sequins!

  • Cool Culture: Arctic natives invented the igloo — their culture and traditions center around their chilly environment. What do your students know about Arctic tribes? How many students in your class could live in the cold?
  • Home Is Where the Igloo Is: The Inuit people use ice shelters to keep warm during harsh winters — but how? Kick off your craft time with a little education on igloo construction.

What’s it take to create an igloo? Precision, engineering, and lots of time — watch it happen first-hand and see what it’s like inside! Once they’ve seen how it’s done, challenge the class to create a 3D structure out of packing peanuts, marshmallows, or white poms.