Wood Stick Windmill Landscape

  • Young Adult
  • Grades 1-3

Use colorful wooden sticks to create a picture of a windmill in a field. Use your imagination and combine many of the different size and colored wooden sticks to make your own scenes.


  • Craft Glue or Glue Stick
  • Heavy Duty Scissors **may require adult assistance
  • Construction Paper


Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Craft Stick Craft

Popsicle Stick craft

Step 2.

Have an adult help you with all the cutting. Cut 3 red Jumbo Sticks in half.

wood craft project

Step 3.

Cut 2 inches from a 4th red Jumbo Stick.

popsicle stick craft

Step 4.

Cut 1 blue Craft Stick in half. Cut about an inch from a 2nd blue Craft Stick.

wood craft stick project

Step 5.

Cut 2 Skinny Sticks in Half.

Skinny craft stick project

Step 6.

Cut 2 more Skinny Sticks into quarters, for a total of 8 small pieces.

Wood craft stick landscape

Step 7.

Glue 3 cut pieces of red Jumbo Sticks onto the middle of your blue Construction Paper, the cut edges should be facing the bottom of the paper. The longer Jumbo Stick from Step 3, should be in the middle, as shown. This will for the top of the windmill.

wood craft stick kids craft

Step 8.

Glue the 4 remaining Jumbo Stick pieces onto the paper, overlapping the other pieces, as shown. This will create the bottom half of the windmill.

wood craft stick project

Step 9.

To make a door, glue the small piece of blue craft stick to the bottom middle of your windmill. Glue 2 green Jumbo Sticks along the bottom of your picture to create grass. The sticks can overlap each other and the bottom of the windmill, as shown.

wood craft stick project

Step 10.

Glue 2 long pieces of your Skinny Sticks on each side of the windmill to create part of the fence. Glue 2 small pieces of your Skinny Sticks on each side of the windmill to finish the fence.

wood stick kids craft

Step 11.

Glue the 2 cut pieces of the blue Craft Stick to the top of the windmill to make the roof.

popsicle stick craft

Step 12.

Glue 2 yellow Craft Sticks together to create and X. Then glue the X to the top of the windmill, this will create the windmill blades.

craft stick craft for kids

Step 13.

Glue the remaining small pieces of Skinny Sticks to the blades of the windmill, as shown.

Step 14.

Glue the sun and clouds on you paper. You can glue one of the clouds over part of the sun. Your picture is now complete.