Sunny days? Check. Time with loved ones? Check. Endless possibilities to step away from the screens and get creative? Check and check! The best part about summer is reconnecting with all the things you loved to do as a kid — build pillow forts, play outside with friends, and craft to your heart’s content. So, turn off the TV, grab the sunscreen, and check these 9 screen-free activities off your summer bucket list!


Spend an Afternoon Making Friendship Bracelets

Make memories and bracelets with your besties this summer! Invite everyone over for a crafter-noon and pick designs to create: a beaded square knot, chevron, diagonal stripes, and more! Follow any of our bracelet tutorials with cording and beads— or find all your bracelet-making essentials in the Just My Style Magical Friendship Bracelets kit!


Personalize Your Own Bead-utiful Sunnies

Nothing says “summer style” like a brand-new pair of sunglasses! Personalize yours by hot gluing (adult supervision recommended) alphabet beads, pearls, and gemstones around the frame. Spell your name or a fun phrase (find some inspo from Kids Kubby). And don’t forget to pack them for your next beach trip!

Soak Up the Sun with D.I.Y. Art  

Upcycle old CDs to create your own suncatchers! Paint beautiful mandala patterns with our free template, or free-hand your own design with Pin-spiration. Let your finished projects hang near a window or a super sunny spot and watch the light color your room all summer long.


Birdwatch in Your Backyard  

Try a new hobby this summer and watch what birds make a home in your handcrafted birdhouse! Spend your day customizing the structure with paint, hot glue, and a bunch of wooden craft sticks. String it up on a branch in your favorite tree and watch what flies by! Not ready for an all-day project? Get a head start with the Made By Me Birdhouse!


Mold Your Own Pottery

If there’s a cloud raining on your sunny parade, set up your own pottery studio inside! Hand-mold terracotta clay into the perfect pot then, while it’s still wet, use the included tools to sketch out details. Once your project dries, paint it in vibrant colors and display it for everyone to see! Even if you’re brand-new to pottery-making, this set has everything you need to get started.


Hit the Road with Sensory Play

Ready for a summer road trip? Grab your Mixy Squish Sculpting Studio and take sensory play on the go! Get in touch with your creative side with air-dry clay projects that bring out the best of the season, like smores, rockets, shooting stars, and rainbows. Follow our video tutorials or handcraft your own projects for endless squishy possibilities!


Stay Cool with Fun Fruit Fans

Step into The Idea Room for summer craft inspiration! Make this quick craft to keep cool for every hot summer day. Grab those rainbow craft sticks, construction paper, and watercolor paints to make your favorite fruits into fans!


Make the Memories Last Forever

Keep your summer memories where you can see them — imprinted on Sand Dough! Press your hand, shells from the beach, or even leaves from a hike into the soft dough. Paint on the date, your name, and other fun details to your keepsake. Let it dry and find a place to display your masterpiece. Scroll through our Made By Me collection to find more hands-on activities!


Tie-Dye the Day Away

Ah yes, the essential craft of the summer — what’s more fun than designing your own tie-dye?! Bring the neon tropics to your style with vibrant colors and an iron-on pineapple for the perfect statement piece. Or have a tie-dye party with your pals with the Just My Style 2-in-1 Tie-Dye Kit (there’s enough to create up to 36 projects)!


What crafts are on your summer bucket list? Here’s your invitation to create for our summer bash and bring new project ideas to the craft table!