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Whether you’re bonding with a new camp friend or hanging out with your school besties, spending time with your favorite people is what summer is all about — especially on the International Day of Friendship. That’s right, July 30th marks the day to give your squad some extra love, and who doesn’t love a good craft session?!


Shine with Your Besties

Jeweled Sun Picture Frame Main How To Image

Friends are the sunshine of life! Use mini crafts sticks, foam, and gemstones to create sun shapes and frame your favorite picture of you and your best friends. Add a magnet button to the back to stick this sun picture frame in your locker, dorm room, or kitchen!


Tell Them How ‘Grape’ They Are

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Send your pen pal a punny printable card letting them know you’re thinking of them on this special day! Download our free template, then use paint (or purple fuzzy sticks and even poms) to fill in the grapes. There’s nothing like making a friend laugh!


Stick with Your Pack

Paperplatellama.done6 .690

Upcycle paper plates into cute llamas to represent your squad! A little bit of folding and a lot of paint go a long way with this Handmade Charlotte craft. Write names on each one, add a magnet, then stick them on a chalk/whiteboard to play with them! Or get the party started by stringing hemp cord through the llamas and making super cute garland for your pack’s next party.


Rock Their World

Olive Beauty

Gather your friends for a little bonding and create rock art together! Pick up the Make By Me Rock Art kit and find your inspiration with this adorable design. When your masterpieces dry, swap the rock art with one another to keep a piece of them wherever you go.


Hold onto the Memories

Wire Photo Holder 1974 Beauty

Display the good times with a D.I.Y. wire photo holder. String the perfect pattern of beads onto the wire and coil the ends to make it stand. Then, slide a photo of you and your besties on top and set it somewhere you can see every day, like a work desk or vanity (or gift it to your friend)!


Chill by the Pool & Craft

Popsicle Stick Pool Lounging Friends Kid Craft 2 1024x683

How sweet is this Glued to My Crafts project?! With cupcake liners, fuzzy sticks, and craft sticks (or recycled sticks from an ice pop), you can make these lazy-river loungers look just like you and your friends.


Best Friend Bracelets

Best Friend Bracelets 11.08.50 Am

In case you missed our Ultimate Summer Bucket List, here’s a reminder that making memories and bracelets go hand-in-hand (pun intended!). Spend a crafter-noon learning new knotting techniques, designing bead patterns, and braiding bracelets to wear and share long after the summer tan line has faded! Find all your bracelet-making essentials in the Just My Style Magical Friendship Bracelet kit.


Share Your True Feelings 

Main How To Image 11.08.50 Am

Who doesn’t love a little snail mail?! Distance makes the heart grow fonder, so send your long-distance friends a handmade bracelet made just for them! Choose their favorite friendship thread colors, create an original design, wrap it around the printed template card — or choose any of these bestie bracelet templates — then sign, seal and deliver!   


Swim Head Over Fins

Clothespinmermaid Main How To Image















You two “mer-made” for each other! Create magical sea creatures that look just like you out of clothespins, glitter, and friendship thread. Play all day with each other and your handmade mermaids for some imaginary fun or clip them onto drinks for a poolside get-together!


You’ve got a friend in us! We’re inviting you to create with us this summer and bring new projects to the craft table — you know what they say:
Friends who craft together, stay together!