Happy National Recycling Month!

That’s right, not only does April kick off the rain showers for May’s flowers — it’s also a time to recognize how we can take better care of our environment with the materials we use every day. There are so many ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle our household items, especially when it comes to arts and crafts. Try out these 12 simple projects using recycled products! 


1. Paper Plate Aquarium Porthole

Everyone has a paper plate or two around the house! Next time you need a craft to do, grab two plates, a sheet of plastic wrap, and a few colorful materials to create an underwater oasis to hang on your wall.


2. Egg Carton Picture Frame

This is egg-actly the right art project to try out with an old carton and some cherished memories! Gather up a couple of pictures, paints, glitter, and cord to make a unique frame for your favorite spot. You can even use the other side of the carton to cut out letters and shapes!


3. Yogurt Cup Zoo Animals

Who knew a trip to the kitchen could turn into a trip to the zoo?! After cleaning out those empty yogurt bottles from afternoon snacks, use them to recreate all your favorite animals and play zookeeper all day long.


4. Recycled Monsters

Scare non-recyclable materials away with these silly monsters made out of cardboard tubes, plastic cups, and bottle caps — use construction paper, poms, and wiggly eyes to create creatures that are uniquely yours!


5. Desk Organizer

Reuse old shoe and tissue boxes to create a cute new desk accessory for your office space! Make a new home for your craft supplies with materials you already have available — being organized can be environmentally-friendly too!


6. Tube Telescope

Explore the night sky with your very own telescope! Simply take a long cardboard tube and a paper cup — then accessorize it with paint, glitter, gemstones, and foam. What kind of stars and planets will you search for tonight?


7. Mexican Folk Art Turtle

Learn about a new culture with this recycled craft — one that represents the vibrant colors and ancient stories connected to Hispanic culture. Recycle plates, cardboard tubes, and bottle caps to recreate this Mexican folk art turtle!

8. DIY Terrarium

April is the perfect month to start planting seeds to bloom in the springtime. Collect a plastic and paper cup, soil and seeds, and a few other crafting supplies. Then get ready to create your new terrarium with recycled materials and watch your plants grow!


9. Robot Bank

Check out this high-tech, robotic safe — with a shoebox, two plastic bottles, and a little imagination, this recyclable bank is the best place to start saving money for something special!


10. Recycled Paper

Paper Making Video

All good crafts take time — this eco-friendly craft may take a little while but it’s worth the experience! Learn how to make your own paper and use this new material to write cards to loved ones or plant even new seeds in the garden!


11. Recycled Jellyfish

Recycled Jellyfish

Jellyfish are some of the most fascinating creatures swimming in our oceans! Use recycled materials like coffee filter paper and disposable cups to create your own colorful sea jellies. Then, follow our Teacher’s Corner to discover ways to keep our oceans clean for our favorite underwater friends!


12. Pasta Earth 

Pasta Earth

What a wonderful world! Celebrate Earth Day crafting pasta globe using acrylic paint, glitter, and dyed pasta, of course. Then, come up with some pasta-tively fun ways to clean up your corner of the world on April 22nd!


What are your favorite recycled crafting materials and how do you use them in your projects?

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